Hall of Fame

John Hagenstein

John Hagenstein

2016 Inductee


  • High School All-State player – 1971 & 1972
  • College HM All-American – 1977
  • Top adult amateur teams in RI, MA, NY, PA & IL from 1973 – 1983 including Team KLM, the German Hungarians of Philadelphia and Chicago’s Green White.


  • Referee certifying with the USSFA in 1974.
  • Worked as AR on NASL and A-League games in New England from 1975 – 1977.
  • Officiated the Tall Ships Bicentennial Cup Final in 1976 in Newport, RI.
  • HS Referee from 1997 – 2012, centered 4 State Finals
  • MISOA referee 2002 – 2012, worked many conference finals & regional NCAA games.


  • USSF State Assessor & Instructor
  • Assessor at US Soccer Youth Regionals
  • NISOA National Assessor & Clinician – NISOA Deputy Director of Assessment – NISOA NRP Assessment Study Chair
  • NISOA E-Town Camp Clinician


  • MISOA and Conference Assignor since 2009
  • Assignor for numerous clubs and MYSA State Cup and State Tournaments.
  • Co-Founder and Secretary/Treasurer of the Rhode Island Soccer Referee Association with Jack Breetveld and Hans Hagenstein from 1974 – 1977.
  • MISOA Board Member since 2004 acting as Member at Large for 1 year, VP for 2 years and President for 7 years.
  • NISOA Region VIII Representative effective 1/1/2016.


  • Elected into the New England Hall of Fame in 2002.
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Paula Hildman

Paula Hildman

2013 Inductee
  • Began officiating Big 10 matches in 1997, and did so for many years, including postseason.
  • Active MISOA referee until 2010.
  • Referee of three women’s MISOA playoff matches, including the MIAC Final in 2010.
  • Traveled to Chicago on three occasions for Division III Championships.
  • Served on MISOA Board as Chapter Secretary for 4 years – 2005-2009.
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Ricardo Gonzalo

Ricardo Gonzalo

2012 Inductee
  • Born 1948 in Soria, Spain; came to America in 1974
  • Loved soccer including playing, officiating and coaching the game
  • Was involved with Sons of Norway and the creation of USA Cup
  • USSF National Referee and Assessor
  • Joined MISOA in 1986 as one of the original members
  • Officiated many games for MISOA, including many NCAA playoff games
  • Helped to establish the MISOA Assessment Program
  • Retired from MISOA in the early 2000’s
  • Continued to be involved with coaching after retiring as a referee
Sadly, he passed away on December 9th, 2010 in Woodbury, MN
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R.J. Anderson

R.J. Anderson

2011 Inductee


  • Professional Player: Glasgow Rangers, Scotland 1963 -1966
  • Semi Professional Player: England, Holland, France and West Germany.


  • A top rated Collegiate Minnesota Official 1987 – 1991
  • NCAA Referee Women’s National Final 1990 at SUNY Cortland
  • NCAA Referee Men’s National Final 1991 at UC San Diego


  • President – MISOA 1990 – 1992
  • National Intercollegiate Soccer Official Association (NISOA)


  • Carleton College: Head Men’s Soccer Coach, DIII.
  • MIAC Conference: Men’s Coach of the Year, Carleton 1991
  • Saint Mary’s University: Head Coach Men’s Soccer, DIII.
  • Toledo University: Head Coach Women’s Soccer, DI.
  • Baylor University: Assistant Coach Women’s Soccer, DI.


  • Guides for the college-bound Student Athlete and Families
  • International and Domestic seminars on recruitment process for college-bound Student Athletes and their families
  • International and Domestic seminars on Soccer tactics and Team Preparation.
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Chris Georgeopolous

Chris Georgeopolous

2010 Inductee

1955 – 2010: Avid soccer player

1970 – 2010: Coach (youth, adult, old-timers)

1975 – 2010: USSF Referee – now a USSF Life Member Referee

1983 – 2005: USSF State Director of Assessment (SDA)

1984 – 1991: USSF National Referee

1992 – 2013: USSF National Emeritus Referee

1984 – 2010: MN State Referee Instructor

1982 – 2010: MN State, National & National Emeritus Referee Assessor

1985 – 1995: NISOA National Referee

1996 – 2013: NISOA National Referee Assessor

1990 – 2000: NISOA Director of Assessment

1983 – 1984: NASL Pro AR

1983 – 1984: North American Cup (National Women’s) Referee

1983 – 1984: Marlboro Cup (National Men’s) AR

1988 – 2013: FIFA Club Lead Instructor

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Mike Bazakos

Mike Bazakos

2010 Inductee

1974 – 2010 – USSF Referee; now a USSF Life Member Referee

1982 – 1996 – State Referee Administrator (SRA)

1984 – 1991 – USSF National Emeritus Referee

1992 – 2013 – USSF National Emeritus Referee

1983 – 2010: State Referee Instructor

1982 – 2000: State Referee Assessor

2001 – 2009: National Referee Assessor

2001 – 2005, 2010: State Director of Assessment (SDA)

2010 – National Emeritus Asessor

1985 – 1995 – NISOA National Referee and Big Ten Referee

1996 – 2013: National National Referee Assessor

1983 – 1984: NASL Pro AR

1984 – 1990: MISL Pro Official

1988-2013: FIFA Club Lead Instructor

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Todd K. Abraham

Todd K. Abraham

2008 Inductee

Todd Abraham was born in the Bronx in New York City and moved to Oceanside on Long Island when he was 5. He started playing soccer in elementary school and has been involved in the “beautiful game” ever since. Todd played throughout high school and college at Oceanside Hight School – the Long Island soccer champions for three years running and at Brown University – a Division I Final Four team two of the years he was there.

Todd started officiating in Philadelphia while in graduate school and maintained a full collegiate officiating schedule (probably due to the dearth of officials). After graduating from UPenn, he moved to Cincinnati and joined the Ohio Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association as well as playing top amateur soccer. Todd moved to Minnesota in 1985 to join the Pillsbury Company and maintained his NISOA membership by traveling back to Ohio to fulfill his recertification requirements. Todd became a National Referee in 1987 in one of the first National Referee classes and a NISOA clinician beginning in 1985. Through his National NISOA contacts, Todd was one of MISOA’s founding members and a past President of MISOA, working with many MIAC contacts and some of the Minnesota senior referees to establish the Minnesota chapter. Todd moved to New Jersey in 2000, physically leaving Minnesota, but the state was never far from his thoughts. He is currently living in Glencoe, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with his wife and three children.

Todd has authored numerous articles for Referee Magazine and has refereed NCAA DIVISION I, II and III Men’s and Women’s playoff games.

He is currently on the Big 10, Horizon, MAC and Big 12 referee rosters and continues as NISOA’s Assistant Director of Instruction and liaison to Referee Magazine.

Most recently, Todd was named NISOA President and remains Director of Instruction.

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Steve Cook

Steve Cook

2007 Inductee

Steve Cook was born in Portsmouth, United Kingdom and moved to Reading when he was three months old. He played for the Reading Boys as a senior in high school and was offered a minor league contract when he turned 18. The following year Reading were promoted out of the 3rd division and his contract was not renewed. He played in a Sunday combination league until his early 20’s, but was often more interested in the pub scene afterwards. He was a fullback or central defender.

Steve started officiating in 1975. As president of MSRA in 1988, he co-formed MISOA (with Todd Abraham) and one year later, with a lot of help from Jim Hirsch, MISOA was assigned the full non-conference schedule of the MIAC and one year later, both the conference and non-conference schedules. He was assigned to three NCAA Final 4’s from 1990 to 1993, and coordinated the first playoff series at St. Thomas in 1988 with one foot of snow on the field. The following year the St. John Johnnies hosted the regional final, the same year that Jacob Wetterling went missing.

Steve is also the MSHSL Post-Season Referee Assignor.

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Carrie Schulz Leaney

Carrie Schulz Leaney

2006 Inductee

Carrie Schulz was born in Minneapolis on February 4, 1962 to Wilford and Ardis. Father Wilford was a soccer pioneer in the suburbs and has been heavily involved with Southeast SC for many years. Carrie played volleyball and soccer at Marshall University High School and later at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

After her father encouraged her to begin officiating, Carrie joined MISOA and started her career under the guidance of Steve Cook and R.J. Anderson when officiating was conducted with teams of officials. It was clear very early on that Carrie would be a very good official and she was soon promoted to senior referee status. Carrie was the first female in the area to be officiating at a high level and the NCAA took notice appointing her to playoff games. Carrie officiated at several playoff sites including the 1994 Final Four in San Diego.

It was through officiating she met her husband, John Leaney, the Head Soccer Coach at Macalester College. They were married on June 5, 2004 at the Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis. It was Carrie’s desire to have children and to her delight son Jack arrived on October 28, 2004. In October, 2005, Carrie was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. This particular form of breast cancer is known as the silent killer as there is no cure as of yet. After a brave fight, Carrie passed away on September 29, 2006, a month before her son’s second birthday. She is sorely missed by many, most of all her son and husband.

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