New Member Information

Read below for information regarding the MISOA new membership process

Apply Now

MISOA membership for 2018 is continuing.

This is the process to be used to pursue 2018 candidacy.  Here is what is needed:

1. By February 6 – 3 letters of recommendation – 2 need to be written letters of recommendation from NISOA officials (preferably MISOA) in good standing; 1 is to be a written letter of recommendation from a collegiate coach.

2. By February 28 – Complete the NISOA NCAA test with a 75% score, to be administered by MISOA Secretary.

3. By February 28 – Have an on-field assessment by an approved member of MISOA.

4. By March 15 – Applicants will be approved for membership by the MISOA Board providing steps 1-3 have been completed.

The Board will vote on new members at the March Board meeting.

5. By March 31 – Complete application form (linked below) & return it with payment to MISOA Secretary.

6. By March 31– When approved for membership, and upon receipt of membership fees, new MISOA officials will be entered into the schedule pool for Fall assignments.

7. Annually (at August preseason clinic) – Pass NISOA physical and attend 3 MISOA annual meetings.

8. Years 1,2, 3 – New members remain on probation status for 3 years following approval.

9. Accepted referee is responsible for completing up to 5 assessments (and assuming payment responsibility for) over the course of probationary period.

The purpose of this timetable is to help ensure your full participation in the fall 2018 schedule.

Thank you for your interest,
Steve Korte